Four Ways You Can Use Ductless Cooling For Your Home And Save

Posted on: 19 August 2015
If you want to add AC to your home, there are many different choices. You can use conventional AC, ductless air conditioners or compact ducts. Ductless AC systems can give your home many benefits and energy efficiency. These systems are easy to install and require less labor and materials. They can also be used to expand an existing system or add cooling to detached structures like garages or shops. Here are some of the ways you can use ductless AC for the cooling needs of your home:
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Four Common Home Cooling Myths: Debunked

Posted on: 18 August 2015
Summer is in full swing, which means many homes throughout the United States are utilizing an air conditioner. If your home is one of them, you may want to read on to learn about the four most common home cooling myths, and the truths behind them. Myth #1: Keeping a Fan Running in an Empty Room Will Keep the Room Cool Fact. Fans don't generate cool air like an air conditioner, but instead they circulate the air that's already present in the room.
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A DIY Guide To Cleaning Your Own Ducts

Posted on: 14 August 2015
If you can learn to clean your ducts on your own, you can maintain your HVAC system and save a little bit of cash. You will not need to call in the professionals just to have a basic cleaning. You can maintain your ducts on your own if you a little bit on ingenuity and the right tools. How Often Should Your Clean Your Ducts? There is no set schedule for how often you should clean your ducts if your have central heating and air conditioning.
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When Do You Need To Call A Professional Plumber?

Posted on: 13 August 2015
There are some plumbing tasks that you can perform yourself. However, when a plumbing job requires special expertise or equipment, or presents a danger to your family or home if done improperly, it is time to call in a plumbing services professional (like those at A Absolute Plumbing & Heating). Examples of plumbing work best left to professionals include: Natural gas lines This should be obvious, because leaking natural gas can cause a fire or explosion.
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