Questions To Ask Before A Major Furnace Repair

Posted on: 8 February 2023

When something major goes wrong with your furnace, you can generally rely on an HVAC technician to make the repairs. Typically, they will come out to your home, look over your furnace, let you know what is wrong, and give you a quote for the repairs. You can simply say "yes" to the quote and go ahead with having the repairs made. But if you like to be thorough and proactive, it is wise to ask a few questions before proceeding. Here are four such questions worth asking before a major furnace repair.

Can you save money with generic parts?

Furnace repair technicians usually, by default, use parts made by the manufacturer of the furnace. Sometimes, this is the best approach because the part is specialized and needs to fit exactly. But other times, a generic part may be just as suitable. If your furnace repair tech says a generic part is okay for your particular repair, you can usually save some money by going that route.

Would it be better to have the furnace replaced?

If you just ask the furnace repair contractor to fix your furnace, they usually can. There are not many problems that are truly unfixable. But if your furnace is on the older side and the repair is quite costly, it may not actually be worth it to have the furnace repaired. Ask your furnace tech whether replacing the furnace might be a better option. Their answer will depend on whether they notice any other problems or concerns with the furnace that might lead to other breakdowns in the near future.

How long will you be without heat?

Some repairs take less than a day. Others are more intricate. If it's cold outside, ask how long you'll be without heat. This will allow you to prepare by bringing in some space heaters. You may want to reschedule the repairs based on the preparation required.

Are there any other repairs they recommend doing at the same time?

If your furnace has any other minor problems, such as a worn ball bearing or clogged condensate tube, you might save money by having the furnace repair tech tackle these at the same time that they make larger repairs. It's worth having them give the whole furnace a once-over to check for such issues.

Ask these questions prior to a major furnace repair, and you'll get more out of it. Contact a furnace repair contractor in your area to learn more.