Repair Solutions For A Short-Cycling Furnace

Posted on: 19 August 2021

When it starts becoming colder, homeowners will start relying more on their furnaces. This heating system is supposed to turn on at certain times and then stay off once the appropriate temperatures are reached. It doesn't always work this way and actually can turn on and off frequently, a problem known as short-cycling. Here are some repair solutions for this issue.

Start With a Complete Filter Inspection

A pretty common reason why furnaces short-cycle is because there isn't a strong airflow. That can cause the heat exchanger to overheat and by default, your furnace turns off because there's a safety setting designed to cease heating operation when a spike in temperature is detected.

You'll want to thoroughly check out this component of your furnace, which should be located in the blower compartment. If it's not clean, find a replacement with the same dimensions. You want to keep changing dirty filters to ensure your furnace doesn't have the chance to short-cycle.

Check to See if the Flame Sensor Is Faulty

The flame sensor is an important component for a residential furnace because its job is to sense a flame before activating the gas valve. It's another important safety feature that can become faulty over time. If the gas isn't firing, then you'll need to work with a furnace repair contractor.

They can swap out a faulty flame sensor for a new one and then proceed to test it out. That ensures the gas valve is turning on appropriately after it fires. Dealing with this component replacement yourself could be dangerous, so it's better to let an experienced technician help you out. 

Address a Clogged Flue

The flue is a part of your furnace that transports combustion gases out of your home. It needs to be completely clear in order to complete this role effectively. Most furnaces today are designed to shut off if this component ever becomes clogged. That can be a reason for short-cycling.

Dealing with a clogged flue can be somewhat involved so if you suspect this is the reason your furnace is short-cycling, hire a furnace repair contractor. They have special tools that you don't, which will make removing the clog an easier and safer process. They can inspect the flue system too to make sure there aren't any structural vulnerabilities that would cause safety issues around your home. 

The furnace is a system that can provide an ample amount of heat to your home, but not when it short-cycles. If you know the signs and respond to them correctly, this problem won't continue for long. To learn more, contact a furnace repair service.