3 Things to Discuss With Your Hvac Dealer Before You Choose a New Hvac System for Your Home

Posted on: 29 April 2020

If you've had your old HVAC for many years, you may be surprised at some of the options in new units when you start shopping for a new HVAC. You'll still need an HVAC professional to help you choose the right size, but you might want to talk to the HVAC dealer about the different features. Here are some things to discuss with your dealer.

How Two-Stage Units Are More Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is important in a new air conditioner because you want one that is affordable to operate. You can look at the SEER rating on new air conditioners to get an idea of the operating costs and energy efficiency.

One thing that helps make a new air conditioner more efficient is when it has a two-stage condenser. Instead of running at top speed every time the unit kicks on, the AC can run at reduced speed when needed. If the AC is trying to maintain a constant temperature, it may run on low speed for longer rather than run at high speed for a shorter time.

By running longer, the AC can pull more humidity out of the air and keep your home drier so you feel cooler. Also, running at a lower speed saves on operating costs even though the AC runs longer each time.

How To Find A Quiet HVAC

If your old system is loud and annoying, you may be interested in getting a new unit that's quiet. If so, talk to your HVAC dealer about decibel ratings on new units. New units are rated for how much noise they make on a decibel scale, and this gives you additional information to consider when you're selecting a new HVAC. Some manufacturers reduce the noise level by wrapping the outdoor condenser in insulation or by placing the indoor air handler in an insulated pan to reduce noise.

How To Choose An HVAC When You Have Asthma

If you or a family member have asthma or allergies, you'll want to give extra thought to the HVAC you choose. Your HVAC dealer can help you select the right unit and add-ons that help the system improve air quality in your home.

This might include adding double or triple filters or adding an electronic filter. In addition to adding an air purifier, you might want a UV light and dehumidifier added that treat the air as it circulates through your home to make the air as clean as possible.

Another consideration when you're concerned about indoor pollution from the outgassing of new carpet and other building materials is an air ventilator. This draws in outside air occasionally so stale, polluted air is forced out and replaced with fresh outdoor air.

Let your HVAC dealer know your concerns about your indoor environment, operating costs, and budget, and they can help you choose the perfect HVAC for your home that will keep your family comfortable for many years.