How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Vents, Grilles, And Ducts Clean And Free Of Odors

Posted on: 15 January 2020

Keeping your home free from dust and odors is important, so you probably keep up with tasks such as dusting, cleaning, and deodorizing your rooms. Cleaning can be challenging when you have pets or a smoker in the house. You may even have special situations where your home has mold or rodents. It's not only the surfaces of your home that get dirty and contaminated; the same can happen inside your air conditioning ducts. You'll need professional help to clean the ducts since the right equipment is needed. Here's how to keep your AC vents and ducts clean.

Remove The Grilles For Access

You can keep the ends of your duct system free of dust by pulling out the grilles and vacuuming the ducts as far as you can reach, which won't be very far. In addition, you can dust and vacuum the grilles regularly so there is no dust buildup to block airflow. This keeps the ends of the vents in good shape, but it won't clean out the deep interiors where there may be mold growing or old rodent nests. To do that, you'll need to call a duct cleaning service.

Deep Clean The Air Conditioning Ducts

You may not need to have your ducts cleaned routinely if they don't collect a lot of dust. However, there are times when cleaning might be necessary to get rid of a foul odor in your house. Cigarette smoke, smoke from a fire, soot, rodent droppings, rodent urine, and mildew can all cause bad odors in the ducts that affect the air quality in your home. Since these things stick to the sides of the ducts, a cleaning service needs to use equipment that is capable of cleaning the sides of the ducts all along their length. They'll also need cleaning products that can kill mold and sanitize the interior of the ducts.

One problem with duct cleaning is it has the potential to stir up dust in the process of cleaning. This can be minimized by using a negative pressure system that pulls air out of your ducts as they're being brushed. This keeps dust and other debris from wafting out the vents and into your living space. Another problem with ducts is that you can't see what's going on deep inside them. This can be worked around with the use of a camera on a cable that's pushed through the duct system. You'll know how much dust, droppings, and mold are present before the job is started and how the ducts look when the work is complete.

To learn more, contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioner duct cleanings.