3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration System Operating Efficiently After It IS Installed

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Commercial refrigeration systems can be found in restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, and retail stores, and these systems play a vital role in keeping food, beverages, and products cool and at the proper temperature. Whether you are having an entirely new commercial refrigeration unit installed in your business or are replacing an old one, you know that the price of a commercial refrigeration system and installation of said system is not cheap. Thus, it makes sense to want to do whatever you can to keep the refrigeration system in good repair and operating properly. Use the following tips to help ensure that your commercial refrigeration system operates efficiently after it is installed:

Make Your Commercial Refrigeration System Energy Efficient

An energy efficient commercial refrigeration system may cost more upfront, but it is wise to spend the extra money. It is best to opt for a system that has fans that run intermittently and as needed, instead of all of the time. You may also want to consider using motion sensors so the interior lights inside the refrigeration unit only turn on when activated. There are several other measures you can take during the installation process to ensure that your commercial refrigeration unit is as energy efficient as possible. In addition to saving money on your energy bills, an energy efficient system will experience less wear and tear, so it will last longer without major problems.

Ensure Proper Air Flow

Just like an HVAC unit, commercial refrigeration systems need proper air flow in order to operate properly. After the system is installed, it is important to maintain an open area around it so air flow is not impeded. Make sure that employees know not to block and of the vents or coils inside or outside of the refrigeration system. It is also a good idea to regularly vacuum around the refrigeration unit as well as the coils to make sure that there is no build up of debris that could lead to diminished air flow. 

Schedule Regular Inspections

You can't count on a commercial refrigeration system to run efficiently for a long period of time if it is not properly maintained. It is very important to have your system inspected and tuned up regularly. In most cases, the HVAC contractor who installed your refrigeration system should also be able to inspect it as needed. Regular inspections and tune ups will keep all of the components of the system working well and any problems can be identified and repaired promptly. 

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