Why It's Time to Get a Brand New Furnace

Posted on: 30 January 2017

Is your home's current furnace outdated and old? If so, it could be time to upgrade it to a brand new one. Here are some reasons to get rid of that old furnace and put a new one in its place.

Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency

A big reason for homeowners to get a brand new furnace is because it will have improved energy efficiency compared to the old one. This will result in energy savings over the years, which can help offset the cost of the new furnace. In addition to lower heating bills, you could even receive an energy credit on your taxes that help offset the cost, or a rebate from your local gas company. That's why you must look at all ways you can save money when considering the price and figure out what the total out of pocket cost will be when it is all said and done.


Many people have their furnace in a basement, where it operates in a room without anybody around. Unfortunately, homeowners without a basement may have their furnace located on the main floor where they can hear it when it's running. An old furnace could become very noisy, and the noise could be what is causing you to look into what it will take to replace the unit.

A brand new furnace will be quiet with how it operates. You can have your heat on and not worry about a distraction when trying to talk to somebody or watch TV.

Air Quality

Are there any people in your home that have respiratory problems or allergies? They will benefit the most from a new furnace, because it will have improved air filtration thanks to modern filters. They are able to remove more debris, allergens, and dust from making its way through the furnace, which prevents it from spreading through the air when using the heat. The filter also assists with keeping your air ducts clean, so you won't need to get the air ducts clean for quite some time if you recently had it done.

You'll notice that people in your home will have fewer problems with irritated skin and eyes, rashes, and other types of allergic reactions. The air will also have a more pleasant smell to it thanks to the filtration.

Think you're ready to have a brand new furnace installed in your home? Contact an HVAC contractor that can assist with purchasing and installing the unit.