Top Reasons To Crank Up Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: 27 January 2017

Most people want to look for ways to reduce their air conditioning use to lower their energy bills. Maybe your spouse is one of them, but you like to keep your house ice cold. While you might not win the thermostat wars by looking at your electricity costs, there are other arguments to use to convince your housemates to turn down your air conditioner.

You Work Better When It's Cold

There's a reason most offices are cold, and it's not because corporations don't care about keeping their energy bills down. Countless studies have shown that worker productivity drops when it gets warmer inside.

If you work from home, are a student who needs to study, or have kids you want to get better grades, say you want it colder to make it easier on your brain.

The Cold Helps You Sleep

Even if you work and study completely outside of your home, you still might not want to rough it at home. One of the biggest factors for success in most areas of life is getting a good night's sleep.

Many people sleep better when it's cold, and sometimes a ceiling fan blowing warm air around just doesn't do enough for you. If you're one of those people, crank the thermostat down a few hours before bedtime. As a compromise, you might set your programmable thermostat to allow the temperature to come back up in the middle of the night once you're fast asleep.

Air Conditioning Removes Humidity

Especially in milder climates, you might be tempted to see how long you can go without running the air conditioner. Air conditioning isn't just there to keep you cool. It also removes humidity from your home.

High humidity can damage your furniture, warp your wooden fixtures, and ruin your paint. Humid homes also feel much more uncomfortable than homes that aren't humid even at the same temperatures.

To keep your humidity levels in check, you need to run your air conditioner for at least a few hours every day.

Air Conditioning Cleans Your Air

You bought the expensive air filter that reduces allergens, so put it to work. Your air filter only cleans your air when your air conditioner is running.

When your air is still, pollutants keep building up inside, so turn your air conditioner on to let the filter do its job.

To learn more about the benefits of running your air conditioner, talk to a local HVAC contractor, like one from Rechtin Tom Heating Air Conditioning, today.