4 Signs That You Need To Repair Your AC System

Posted on: 27 January 2017

One important part of being a homeowner is to know how to detect problems with your appliances. The AC system plays a vital role in the comfort and functionality of the house. This is why it is best if you learn early on how to detect problems so that you can get them repaired instead of letting it go too long and having to replace the entire system. Here are some things you should be looking for.

1. Strange Odors Coming From The Vents

A properly working AC system should be odorless. Really, an AC that is working right shouldn't even be noticeable. You will hardly even know it is there because it isn't making any fuss. So if when the AC is on, you notice a very distinct smell, this could be a problem. It could be that the vents are dirty, or even worse, there is something in the vents compromising the safety of the home. For this reason, never ignore an odor.

2. There Isn't Any Cool Air

When you turn the thermostat down to a cooler temperature you should experience a noticeable difference in the temperature of the air. If the air stays a constant temperature or varies only slightly when you turn the thermostat down, it is a problem.

3. There Are Noises Coming From The Unit

Another problem you should be looking for is any strange noises coming from the unit. A well working AC system should be quiet. You may notice a slight humming when it turns on and off, but if you hear any kind of clanking or grinding while it is on, this is a problem. In addition, if the whole house starts to rattle a little bit when the AC comes on, you have an issue that needs to be fixed. The most you should hear is air passing through the vents and a fan turning on.

4. There Is Moisture Around The Unit

Lastly, there shouldn't be any moisture around the unit. If when you go to the outdoor, or basement unit, you see moisture around the central system, it means that you need immediate repairs. This is why it is important to try and inspect the system often to ensure that it is not leaking any fluid, or that there is no condensation coming from the unit.

If you notice any of these problem you need to call a repairman right away to avoid further issues. Contact a company like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co to learn more.