Duct Cleaning Will Improve Indoor Air Quality

Posted on: 7 August 2015

You can pay thousands of dollars going to doctors to find relief for your allergies and/or asthma and paying for the medications and treatments they prescribe. While medical treatment can be invaluable in reigning in the effect that these maladies have on your life, you should not ignore one of the least expensive ways to find allergy relief: improve the air quality in your home. For the most pristine air, you need to have your ducts cleaned from time to time in addition to changing your filter regularly.

Why Changing the Filter is Not Enough

Your AC fan pulls air into your AC unit through a grate that is known as the register. This register is typically larger than the vents in your home and is located somewhere close to the AC unit. If you find that this register is dirty, then you will have some idea of how dirty the air in your home is before it goes through your AC filer. Next, look at the AC vents in your home, if these vents are dirty, remove them and take a look at your AC ducts. If these ducts are dirty, then you will begin to understand the shortcomings of an AC filter, which are twofold:

1) An AC filter will extract some but not all the contaminants in your air.

2) Some contaminants can get into your ducts by way of the vents; thus, bypassing the filter altogether.

What Are the Risks of Dirty Ducts?

Common allergens include pollen, mold, dust mites, and pet dander. All of these can accumulate in your ducts, and then when your AC unit runs, it spews these contaminants all over your home. Which means if you plan to stay indoors to find relief from seasonal allergies, you may not be doing yourself a favor. The same contaminants that can cause allergy attacks can cause asthma attacks. Thus, you should do something about them in order to make your home a more pleasant and safe place to be. 

In order to clean your ducts, you need a large enough vacuum to create enough suction to clean your entire duct system, and you need extendable brushes to scrub away stubborn grime. In other words, you need specialized equipment that you just won't have access to. Thus, whenever your ducts are showing signs of getting dirty, you should call a duct cleaner company like Jones Air Conditioning & Electric to take care of the problem for you.