3 Emergency HVAC Repairs You May Need For Your AC System During A Heatwave

Posted on: 12 April 2023

When your area experiences an intense heatwave, your AC may struggle to keep your house cool. The strain of having to run for long periods and sitting in the extreme heat outside can take its toll and cause your air conditioner to break down at a time when you really need it.

Being in a hot and stuffy house could even be a dangerous situation for an elderly parent or someone with a lung condition. If you need repairs as soon as possible, call an emergency HVAC repair company. You might even get help during the night if you need it. Here are three emergency HVAC repairs you might need due to a heatwave.

1. Replace A Fan Motor 

Air conditioners are made to operate well in normal summer temperatures. They're not designed to keep up with extremely hot temperatures and high humidity as found during a heatwave. When your AC can't keep up, you may lower your thermostat in an attempt to cool your house more, and this can start a cycle that causes your AC to fail.

The fan motors may run constantly and overheat. If one of the fans breaks down, your AC won't work very well at all. The indoor fan blows air through your home and the outdoor fan blows heat out of the air conditioner. Both are essential for cooling your house, so you'll need an HVAC repair technician to replace a burned-out fan motor to get your AC working again.

2. Repair An Electrical Problem

A heatwave puts a lot of stress on the electrical grid and the problem is made worse when people turn their thermostats down and cause their air conditioners to run constantly. Your AC might be damaged by a power surge from the grid or from an electrical malfunction in your own equipment. This could cause electronic parts such as the control board to fail. A surge might also ruin a fuse or cause the breaker to trip or break.

When your AC has an electrical issue, your repair technician has to follow the power through your equipment to find the failed part so it can be replaced. You may also be advised to raise the setting on your thermostat. Your house may not get as cool as you like, but at least you won't strain your equipment.

3. Put In A New Compressor

A bad consequence of a strained air conditioner is burning out the compressor. Your AC won't cool your house if the compressor is bad, so the part has to be replaced. The compressor replacement might be covered by a warranty or home insurance policy. It's an expensive part to replace, but it's essential to get it working or you'll be miserable during a heatwave.