Why Should You Install A New Gas Furnace Instead Of A Gas Conversion Burner?

Posted on: 17 October 2022

There are many reasons to consider converting from oil to natural gas, especially with heating oil prices reaching record highs. However, switching fuel sources is a complex task and a big decision. If you've been living with heating oil for many years, you may be concerned about the upfront costs of the switch and wondering if you can keep your existing equipment.

While gas conversion burners allow you to continue using your existing furnace, it's often better to install an entirely new gas-powered furnace. This article will discuss three reasons why a new furnace installation will save you money over the long run while potentially increasing your home's heating efficiency and performance.

1. Access to Rebates

Many areas offer rebates for upgrading your home's heating equipment to newer, more efficient models. These rebates typically require selecting furnaces that meet certain minimum specifications, such as a particular AFUE rating. Some states may also offer rebates specifically for converting heating oil to natural gas.

Gas conversion burners may not meet many of these requirements or may be ineligible for these discounts. Before considering a conversion, ask your HVAC installer about local, state, or federal rebates that may apply to your situation. You might find that these rebates can substantially offset the cost of a high-efficiency gas furnace.

2. Newer Equipment

Unless your current oil-burning furnace is already fairly new, a gas conversion will mean putting more money into already aging equipment. More importantly, the oil burner is typically one of the costliest parts of your furnace. Buying a gas conversion burner to replace your oil burner may be cheaper than a new gas furnace, but the price difference will often be less than you expect.

By installing a gas furnace instead, you'll get more modern, higher-efficiency equipment with a manufacturer's warranty. While a gas conversion burner will typically also include a warranty, the other parts of your older furnace will not, potentially leaving you on the hook for repairs if part of your old equipment fails.

3. Easier Maintenance

Modern gas furnaces are relatively straightforward to maintain, but a gas conversion burner adds extra complexity to your heating system. Even if you hire an HVAC tech to maintain your system, you'll still ultimately pay more for upkeep for modified equipment. Some technicians may also be less familiar with gas conversion burners than traditional furnaces.

Installing a new gas furnace to replace your oil-burning furnace simplifies maintenance by using a single, unmodified unit to heat your home. This simplified maintenance can help ensure your new furnace lasts for longer and suffers fewer issues over the long run.

For more information about furnace installation, contact a local company.