Do You Want Your Commercial AC To Last Longer? Find Out How

Posted on: 20 September 2022

When it comes to your commercial property setting, air conditioning is vital in handling soaring temperatures that may create unbearable working conditions. However, if you fail to maintain your equipment, it may suddenly malfunction, causing discomfort. Consequently, employee productivity will reduce, affecting your bottom line. In addition, you will face hefty repair costs from the system dysfunction. Thus, hiring an AC contractor to service your unit and remedy issues as they emerge is advisable. Below are pro ways to make your commercial AC last longer. 

Change Your Air Filters  

Air filters remove airborne particulates as air enters your unit. Over time, the filters clog with debris, making them ineffective. As a result, your AC will consume more energy to sustain an average cooling output. Moreover, clogged filters will reduce the air quality, compromising the health of your workforce. Therefore, you should regularly engage an AC technician to clean your air filters. 

Check Your Thermostat

A thermostat will display the ambient temperature and allow you to adjust it to the desired level. However, dust and grime may gradually accumulate on the crucial component. Furthermore, the wiring connecting the thermostat to the AC may wear out, rendering it ineffective. Finally, the batteries powering it may degrade over time and reduce the thermostat's functionality. If this is the case, your thermostat will fail to send the correct instructions to the system, diminishing the airflow. You might also find that a dysfunctional thermostat will not power the AC. Thus, you should check your thermostat and ensure it is fully functional for maximum climate control.

Check Electrical Wiring  

Your commercial AC requires power to operate. Therefore, a proper electrical connection facilitates an effective system operation. Despite that, the wiring will wear down during the unit's operation and detach from core components. Moreover, if you experience a power surge, the excess current may burn the wire's insulation or fray them. The result is an inoperable unit that poses a risk of electrocution if an employee stumbles on the naked wires. Thus, you should contact a contractor to check the electrical wiring and fix any faults.

Clean Your Unit

Dirt and dust may accumulate on the AC despite having working air filters. For instance, you may have debris build-up on the evaporator coils, vents, and registers. This restricts heat transfer, deteriorates the cooling capacity, and reduces airflow. On the other hand, mold and fungi may grow on the drain pipe, causing a blockage. Therefore, you should hire an AC contractor to clean your unit to ensure it operates at peak functionality.

Servicing your commercial AC is crucial for sustaining its operation during hot days. Thus, scheduling maintenance with an AC contractor is vital to ensure it provides optimum temperatures for a conducive working environment. 

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