3 Unusual Smells That Indicate Your AC Is Faulty and Needs Urgent Repair Services

Posted on: 9 September 2022

A properly functioning air conditioner should blow cool, odorless air into your space. Anything short of odorless should be a cause for concern. You might also want to call your AC technician to get to the bottom of the problem and find a suitable solution. In the meantime, this piece will help you understand why unusual smells call for immediate attention. The following are three odors that need urgent air conditioning repair services.

1. Burning Smell

When you turn on your air conditioner, you might notice that it emits the smell of burning plastic. This might indicate overheating. You'll notice a distinct burning smell if the circuit board or electrical wiring insulation. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem can lead to a fire outbreak. Your technician will inspect the air conditioner to check if the capacitor or fan belt is broken. These two components can cause the motor to overheat and produce a burning smell. 

2. Smell of Dirty Socks or Feet 

Does your house smell like you live in a sock? You might have noticed that the smell becomes stronger by the day or when you switch on your AC. A common cause of this smell is mold growth within the system and its ductwork. The air conditioner is usually affected by condensation build-up. Moisture creates the right environment for mold to grow in the ductwork. If left unaddressed, mold could make you sick. It could also clog your drain line and reduce your system's performance. Call your technician immediately to help clean the system and protect your health. 

3. A Blend of Chemical Odors 

The refrigerant has a distinct smell, and you should take the right measures in the case of a suspected leak. The lab smell in your house should alert you that something is amiss. It could also be the smell of paint thinners or a sweet odor. The odor may indicate a refrigerant leak. It is often accompanied by signs such as hissing sounds, frozen coils, and high energy bills. If you notice the refrigerant smell in your home, you should switch off the system, open the windows, and move out of your house. Then, call your technician to confirm and rectify the problem. 

You deserve peace of mind and comfort when spending time at home. If you encounter any of the smells above, report them to your AC repair technician for timely diagnosis and repair. You could prevent safety and fire hazards by taking action and seeking help immediately.