Should You Hire Air Conditioning? Merits and Demerits

Posted on: 18 March 2022

Air conditioning maintenance is essential for your indoor thermal comfort. You can purchase an air conditioner or hire one from an air conditioning maintenance services and installation company. A hired system consists of a portable unit with a quick setup installation kit. Read on for the pros and cons of a hired AC system.


Since hired ACs consist of a standalone system, the associated advantages include:

1. Reduced Costs

Portable AC systems reduce energy costs because you only use them in rooms with occupants. You will not need to cool your entire home when you only have one room occupied. Thus, you can consider this a cost-effective and energy-efficient option.

Besides, if you hire air conditioning, you will cut installation costs. The portable AC is easy to install. If your budget doesn't allow you to cover the initial installation costs of a permanent AC, the hiring option comes in handy.

2. Flexibility and Convenient Maintenance

Hiring an AC is convenient for apartments where you can't install a central AC unit. If you stay in such buildings with limitations, then a temporary unit is the best way to go.

You'll also enjoy convenient air conditioning maintenance services with hired ACs. Since you don't own the AC, the AC hiring company handles all its air conditioning maintenance services. The AC company does the maintenance scheduling for you and saves you time.


An option to hire air conditioning has its drawbacks. Below are the disadvantages of hiring ACs.

1. Noise

All the functional components of a hired air conditioning system are in the same place. For instance, you could have one in your lounge. The hired system produces a lot of noise, which leads to distraction.

The noise further reduces work productivity if the air conditioning is used in a home office. You will develop discomfort due to the AC's noise pollution. Hiring an AC won't be the best solution if you need peace of mind or a quiet environment.

2. Reduced Safety

Most temporary air conditioning units have a hose that lets out warm air. The portable unit has to be near an open door or window, for that matter, to increase efficiency. As a result, this feature compromises your home security. At odd hours, open doors or windows provide a perfect inlet for burglars, harmful insects, or malicious people.


Due to climatic changes in different seasons, temperature changes necessitate your need for an AC system. Feel free to contact air conditioning maintenance services and installation experts for professional advice when you need to hire or buy an AC unit.