Does Your Heating System Need Repairs? 4 Ways To Tell

Posted on: 20 January 2022

The boiler is one of the most common domestic water heating systems. The fact that it plays a critical role in your home, when the boiler malfunctions, it causes you countless inconveniences. As a homeowner, you can avoid these inconveniences by anticipating when your system might fail and looking for solutions beforehand. Consider these as the leading indicators of system problems. 

The Smell Is Wrong

A functional heater should never give you smelly water. If the tank and the area close to the appliance start having an unusual smell, it is time to contact the professionals in boiler repair because you could have a dangerous gas leak in the home. Typically, carbon monoxide leaks when the system is poorly maintained. The carbon monoxide might not be the source of the foul smell. However, the incomplete combustion process is what leads to a bad smell. Emergency repairs will safeguard your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Sounds Are Unnatural

A functional and efficient boiler works without making odd or unusual sounds. If yours has started making unusual noises, it is time to contact the technician. The sounds make your unit sound like a simmering tea kettle. It happens when the heat exchanging unit is struggling with excessive mineral deposits. Places that have hard water commonly lead to smelly boiler units. If you let the issue to fester, it might worsen the state of the appliance and eventually lead to internal damage or even cracks. The technician can visit your home, remove the exchanger and scrub it to eliminate the mineral buildup.

You Have Cold Spots

You will also know that you have a struggling system when you start experiencing a lack of heat in the home. You might have grown accustomed to delays before it delivers heat into your home. However, if the delay often runs into hours or sometimes your house receives no heat at all, it is time to have the heat exchanger assessed. The problem could be several broken and malfunctioning parts of the boiler. Again, only the repair technician can help you manage the repairs.

You Have Leaks

Leaks are another indicator that you have a system issue. You should never ignore a leak because it can spread moisture to the wall and the floor, leading to mold and water damage.

These are common indicators that your boiler might need technical repairs. Speak to local boiler repair technicians and have them assess your system for damage. They will also recommend the best repairs.