3 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Posted on: 10 May 2021

During the cold seasons, you need to warm your house or your rooms may be chilly and uncomfortable. That's why you need a heat pump to keep your home warm while still keeping your energy bills low. Therefore, to enjoy these benefits, you need to ensure that your heating unit is in perfect working condition at all times by doing routine maintenance. You also need to invest in heat pump repair when you notice that your unit has problems. Don't ignore the repairs because your heating unit might break down completely and you may need a replacement, which costs money. Besides, a faulty heat pump can strain to heat your home and use up a lot of energy, resulting in high energy bills. Watch out for these signs that indicate that your heat pump requires repair.

1. Weird Noises

Typically, a heat pump runs quietly and produces a soft sound when turning on or shutting down. So if your unit makes loud, odd noises, there could be an issue. For instance, a rattling sound means that there are some loose components in your system. You should tighten the loose parts to solve the issue. Additionally, a screeching sound means that your system parts are experiencing friction, probably due to corrosion, and the moving parts may need lubrication. You need to inspect your system when you detect any noises and fix the problem.

2. Strange Odors

If your heat pump emanates strange smells, you need to check it. For instance, a burning smell can occur if your system is dusty and the dust heats up and burns when your unit is running. The burning smell can also be due to overheating due to a faulty heat pump belt or fuse. Remember that overheating can cause your unit to break. Therefore, contact a heat pump repair expert to check your unit immediately.

3. Irregular Heating

Your heating unit should warm up your house evenly. If you realize that some rooms are hotter than others for the same temperature setting, then your system likely has an issue with the thermostat. The repair could be as simple as getting a new thermostat. The system could also produce a low amount of heat in some rooms due to refrigerant leakage or a faulty compressor. Such technical issues require that you get an expert to do the repairs.

Strange odors, weird noises, and uneven heating are strong indicators that your heat pump needs repair. You need to consider hiring HVAC contractors who offer heat pump repair services to fix your system.