3 Quick Checks To Make Before Calling An Air Conditioning Repair Service For Help

Posted on: 27 January 2021

When your air conditioner breaks down on a hot day, you want the problem fixed as soon as possible. Your home gets hot and stuffy fast when the AC doesn't blow out cool air. You may have no clue about what could be wrong with your AC, but there are still a few things you might want to check. Here are three quick checks you can make before calling an air conditioning company.

1. Look For Dust On The Filter

A filter that's clogged with dust will keep your AC from running properly. A clogged filter can even cause damage to your air conditioner, so it's important to keep the filter changed on schedule. If you check your filter and find it has a thick mat of dust on it, change the filter right away and see if that helps the problem. If it's been a year or so since you had your air conditioner serviced, you may want to have a technician check the coils and blower to see if they're coated with dust too.

2. Check For Ice On The AC

If there is ice on either the inside or outside parts of your air conditioner, turn off your AC so the ice can melt. Once the ice is gone, your AC may start working again. However, ice could be a sign something is wrong with your AC, so you may still need a service call from an air conditioning repair technician if ice comes back.

A common cause of ice is a dirty air conditioner. If the coils are dirty, ice will form and keep your AC from working. Another thing that causes ice to form is a refrigerant leak. The technician needs to repair a refrigerant leak before all the refrigerant leaks out and your AC stops cooling your home completely.

3. Test For A Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker for your AC has tripped, your AC will probably be the only thing affected. If everything else in your home has power but the AC doesn't, look at your electrical panel for a tripped breaker. Turn the breaker off and back on again. Then check to see if your AC is running. If the breaker flips back off, call an air conditioning repair service for help because the AC could have an electrical problem such as a blown fuse in the disconnect box or a wiring issue.

There are many things that can go wrong with your air conditioner and lead to the need for repairs. A problem in the condenser, air handler, ducts, thermostat, or wiring could cause your AC to stop blowing air or to blow air that isn't cold.

A repair technician will troubleshoot the problem and check the diagnostic codes to figure out what's wrong and make repairs. Some AC repairs are simple, and others are more complex, but it's best to call for help even for minor repairs so a small problem doesn't turn into a big one.