Three Ways To Determine If Your Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

Posted on: 5 June 2020

As you get your air conditioner ready for the warm months, it may be good to make sure it's working well. Generally, it's good to have recommended routine maintenance on your air conditioning equipment. One of the most basic but fundamental parts of your air conditioning system is the air filter, and it's important to know when you may need to have this inexpensive but essential part changed. There are three things to remember in order to know if you need your filter changed.

How Long Has It Been

If you didn't change your filter before winterizing your air conditioner compressor, then you should change your filter before starting it up for the summer. Aside from that, most air conditioner manufacturers and HVAC professionals recommend that the filter be changed monthly for the best results. The very longest you should go without changing your filter is three months, especially if you are using your air conditioner on a regular basis in hot weather. Otherwise, it may begin to start causing you issues with your air conditioner.

The Air Temperature Isn't Cold

Fluctuations in air temperature could be the first sign your air filter is getting too dirty. Warm air or even hot air is often caused when an air filter is completely clogged. If you keep turning the temperature down, and the air remains warm or hot, then the first thing you should do is have your air filter replaced. After replacing your air filter, run your air conditioner and see if it cools normally. If things go back to normal, you'll know it was the dirty filter that was the issue. Otherwise you may need additional maintenance to fix an issue with coolant or the air conditioner fan. 

Something Doesn't Smell Right

Another sign that your air conditioning system may have a clogged filter is when the air smell changes. A dirty filter can make the air smell dirty, and it can make your home smell musty as well. In some cases, a dirty filter can make the air coming out of your vents have a burning smell, which isn't something that should be ignored. Calling an air conditioner company to come and replace the filter is the first thing you should do if your air conditioner produces smelly air. Air filters are also supposed to filter out allergens, so if you notice your allergies acting up when the air conditioner comes on, that could mean it's time to replace your filter as well.

While replacing an air filter is an easy maintenance issue to address, many times it goes overlooked. Ultimately, running your system with a dirty filter can cause other problems for your air conditioner because it makes it run harder to cool things down. To keep your system optimized, take the time to change your filter as often as recommended.