Efficiently Keeping Your Home Warm

Posted on: 14 February 2019

Getting optimal performance out of your heating system will require you to be more proactive than you may have originally expected when you bought a home. However, this will be essential for keeping your home both safe and warm.

Search for Drafts

Drafts can be one of the main causes of the home being cooler than desired. However, homeowners will often fail to search for the drafts that are in their homes. While it is possible to hire a professional to perform a draft inspection, you may be able to do this for the areas that are the most prone to developing drafts. In particular, the areas around the windows and doors should be periodically checked for drafts as the weatherstripping in these areas can deteriorate, which may lead to drafts developing. Slowing passing your hand around the doors and windows can help you to feel whether a draft is present, or you could use a candle for this as the draft will disturb the flame.

Avoid Running the System When You Are Not Home

It is common for homeowners to simply set their thermostat at a particular temperature and to go about their daily routine. Unfortunately, this can lead to the system running when the home is unoccupied. Making it a point to turn off the system when you leave or investing in a programmable thermostat will allow you to eliminate this major contributing factor to energy waste.

Never Attempt Major Repairs on Your Heating System

Whenever the heating system suffers a malfunction, you should avoid the temptation to attempt repairs yourself. This can be a major safety hazard while also leading to damage to the unit. When an untrained person repairs a heating system, they can be at risk of electrocution, starting a fire, or releasing gas into the structure. Professional repair services will be able to economically address the underlying problems with your system. While it may seem like you will be unable to wait for these professionals to arrive, there are emergency heating repair providers that can serve their customers at any hour of the day.

Clean Your System on a Regular Basis

Regularly cleaning the heating system can help to improve its performance and boost the air quality in the home. Cleaning this system will not be very difficult as dusting the unit and changing the air filters will be more than sufficient for addressing normal dust and dust accumulations. If you have a forced air heating system, having professionals clean the ducting may be beneficial, but this will only be needed every few years.

Call a heating contractor for more information or assistance.