How to Deal With Mold in Your HVAC

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Mold in an HVAC system is a problem that's tough to deal with because, depending on how long the problem has been going on, mold spores may have traveled to various places throughout your home. To really get rid of mold, here are some steps to do a thorough cleaning.

Look at Your AC

The air conditioning system is often a culprit in a moldy HVAC system. There are a few sources of moisture within the AC system that could allow mold spores to grow and spread.

For one, take a look at the drip pan and see if it's overflowing or leaking. When it is in good condition, water should easily drain off from the AC system, but sometimes it may pool there instead. Clean the drip pan and ensure that it is in a position where water can flow away.

Another problem area is the condenser coils. If they are not cooling properly, there might be water leaks here. These aren't the only two possible sources of moisture, so it's a good idea to just have an air conditioning installation team take a look if you have a mold problem.

Clean Out the HVAC

The entire HVAC system needs to be cleaned out if you have a mold problem. You wouldn't want to get rid of the visible signs of mold and then have the problem recur a bit later. Mold spores can not be seen by the naked eye when they first land in your HVAC system; it's only after time and cultivation that you can see the characteristic black spots that you know to be mold. Basically, it's a good idea to have a repair technician scrub the entire HVAC duct work system and spray a mold killing solution to make sure that no mold spores are left behind.

Search the Home for Mold

If you have had a longstanding mold problem, it's pretty likely that the HVAC system blew some mold spores out into your home and they are finding a new spot to grow. You could have a mold remediation team scour your home for signs of mold and spray to kill these colonies.

As you can see, dealing with a mold problem that starts at your HVAC system does require some work. Doing a comprehensive job of cleaning your home is the only way to fully solve this problem. For more information, talk to an HVAC service like Pristine Air Conditioning Corp.