5 Strategies for Saving Money On Air Conditioning Costs

Posted on: 10 September 2015

When the central air conditioner breaks down, it's a good time to step back and think of ways to save money on air conditioning costs in the future. People can come to forget that central air is a convenience that was uncommon until the 1970s. Even in a hot climate, it's possible to reduce one's reliance on central air. Implement some strategies to bring your utility bills down while not sacrificing comfort.

Gradually Raise the Thermostat Temperature

If you already keep your thermostat set in the high 70s or higher in the summertime, that's commendable. If you tend to set it lower than that, start gradually raising it until you feel comfortable at a higher temperature. You don't have to make the leap from 73 degrees to 78 degrees in one day. Move it to 74 for a few days or a week, then to 75 and on upward. 

Spend More Time Outdoors

You'll become more accustomed to the heat if you refrain from huddling indoors all the time during hot weather. Exercising in a hot environment and gradually increasing the amount of time doing so produces an effect known as heat acclimatization or acclimation. Go outside and take a short walk or a bike ride; gradually increase the distance you go every day. 

Get a Window Exhaust Fan

These twin fan devices are highly effective at removing hot air from a home while bringing cool air inside. They're great to run at night when the exterior temperature has dropped. The process doesn't take very long to cool the room, and it's cheaper than running the AC overnight. 

Create Shade

If your house is affected by strong sunlight in the afternoon and evening from the west and south, consider ways to create shade there. You might plant some fast-growing trees or construct a privacy fence in that particular location. Even if the fence doesn't effectively shade the house, it will provide a cooler area where you can sit outside and relax and avoid having the AC running. 

If you must pay for fence installation, however, this may not be a reasonable short-term way of trying to save money because of the added expense for labor. 

Have the System Checked Over

When you call for air conditioning repair, request that the technician thoroughly check the heating and cooling system and do any necessary maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes a quick repair can get the AC up and running again, but that doesn't address the bigger picture. Dirt, debris, and worn parts can take their toll and cause the system to work harder. You'll save money on the electric bill when the air conditioning runs more efficiently. Contact a service like Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating to set up an appointment for an inspection.