Three Tips To Help You Prepare Your AC For Winter Hibernation

Posted on: 12 August 2015

Even though you may not see it now, soon it will be time to turn your AC off. This means it is time to prepare your heating. You may also need to do some maintenance to prepare your AC for hibernation through the winter. Some of the winterization tasks that may need to be done include covering the heat pump and insulating any exposed mechanical parts. Here are some of the things that you will need to do to prepare your AC for the harsh winter ahead:

1. Checking Equipment And Changing The Filter

After you AC has been running all summer, it is likely to need some maintenance. Before you winterize your system, you will want to have it serviced. You can have the compressor and cooling gas checked for any leaks. Having problems fixed now will ensure that you do not have any troubles when you turn your system on for the first time next year. Now, it is also a good time to change the air filter and clean out any dust and debris in the system.

2. Cleaning Outdoor Equipment And Covering The Heat Pump

Cleaning the outdoor equipment is another task that you will want to do now too. You can use a leaf blower to blow any debris out of the heat pump. If there are leaves inside the unit, remove the fan guards to give them a place to exist the system. Once you have all the debris out of the system, cover the heat pump with a winter cover. If you live in an area with cold winters, get an insulated cover that will also protect the system from harsh winter freezes.

3. Adding Insulation To Any Exposed Mechanical Parts

With many HVAC systems, the air conditioning may have exposed mechanical parts going and coming from the heat pump. These can be things like the coil, condensation drainage pipes and wiring. If you want to protect these materials over the winter months, you may want to cover them with some type of insulation. This can be things like fiberglass, hay and other insulating materials. You can cover the material with a small tarp to keep it dry. If you use hay, be sure to remove it before turning the system on to prevent fire hazards.

These are some of the things that you will need to do to prepare your AC for the harsh winter ahead. If you are ready for winter and done with the AC, contact an HVAC contractor, like, to have your system serviced before turning it off for good this year.